Wedding Day Runway

Wedding Runway

You’ve seen the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, right? I watch it every year in awe… not only of the cutsie unmentionables strutting down the runway, but of what happens backstage.

Producers with headphones and clipboards and schedules and timelines … it looks chaotic from our perspective, but in their eyes, eh, it’s what they do! Lights, camera, action! Every single element of the show – models, hair, makeup, outfits, shoes, wings, props, lighting, music cues – they all blend in a symphony of fabulousness… and that is exactly what I do for you as your wedding planner.

Picture this: it’s your wedding day! You chose the theme, the flowers, the fashion, the venues, the cake… but most importantly, you’re the bride, and the bride NEVER takes backstage! You’re on the runway on your wedding day, and I’ll make sure you stay in the spotlight. That’s what I do! I’ll obsess over the details so you can be the star!