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Wedding Day Regrets

June 16, 2016

The choices you make in life, whether for your education, your career, your family, your love life (or that tattoo you got over Spring Break), chances are, you may at times experience that unsettling feeling of regret. As adults, we learn to live with the choices we make, but wedding day regrets can be documented in photos that last generations or engraved in the memories of your loved ones, or even yourself.

In this article, 250 brides were asked what their biggest wedding day regrets were and the top 13 answers were revealed. In life, I believe there are no “mistakes,” but this is your opportunity to learn from the experience of real brides.


The Top Wedding Day Regrets From Real Brides


#1 Listening to Other People
#2 Registering for Things I Thought I Wanted
#3 Paying Too Much for Centerpieces
#4 Worrying That Everything Is Going to Go Wrong
#5 Not Being Present During the Ceremony
#6 Adding a Third Appetizer
#7 Not Having a Day-Of Coordinator or Wedding Planner
#8 Not Spending Enough Time With Guests
#9 Spending a Lot of Money on Party Favors
#10 Having Too Many [Bridesmaids] #11 Not Setting a Budget
#12 Waiting Until the Last Minute to Book a Vendor
#13 Not Eloping

A couple of these regrets really stood out to me. #3 Paying Too Much for Centerpieces is more common than you may realize, especially considering 74% of weddings go over budget. If centerpieces are important to you and your wedding vision, then by all means, invest in the look you want. Every couple has their priorities – just remember to prioritize the budget too.

Now, of course I have something to say about #7. Not Having a Day-Of Coordinator or Wedding Planner can pile on unnecessary stress on a couple and their loved ones. A simple Day-Of service can help wrangle vendor deliveries, décor setup, and the logistics of your 6-8 hour ceremony and reception. There’s a reason 60% of couples hire a wedding planner. (OK, I’m off my soapbox!)

The regret that caught me by surprise was #13 Not Eloping. According to this article, a couple tends to elope for either the benefit of their relationship (to focus on their passion for each other) or to escape or rebel against family dysfunction (which can breed resentment later on). Two brides share their motives behind eloping and their experience after they shared the news with their family and friends. This was a very interesting read.

Are you a newlywed that has a wedding day regret? If so, I invite you to share your experience. If you’re planning your wedding right now, subscribe to #ThatsSensiblyChic to stay in-the-know!