Gown Guard for This Texas Bride

The Gown Guard

You’ve already picked out the most beautiful dress you’ve ever seen, and you probably waited five or six months for it to be made. On your wedding day, your bridesmaids help get you into your dress, place your veil, and send you on your way to marry the love of your life. Then suddenly, one question starts floating in your head, “How am I supposed to walk in this dress???”  The Gown Guard… that’s how!

The Gown Guard was custom designed to carry your hem and train, so you can move around with ease and keep your dress clean before your ceremony. The Gown Guard is worn as a slip under your dress and can easily be taken off before you say “I Do!” No make-up finger prints, no drive way dirt, and no garden grime will stain your dress as you move with ease for your pre-ceremony photos.

Clothesline Cleaners in Boise, Idaho designed this garment and has it available to sell for $75. My brides, however, can rent it from me for their special day!

Courtesy of Evan Godwin Photography