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Is Pinterest Breaking Your Wedding Budget?

April 6, 2017

Browsing Pinterest for wedding inspiration is like browsing romantic comedy movies for boyfriend inspiration. The fantasy of what could be versus the reality of what actually is today can be shocking (or for some, shockingly disappointing)!

There’s nothing wrong with loving Pinterest, just remember to balance your expectations before adding Pins to your secret wedding board. Say this with me “Pins may show inspiration that exceeds the limits of my budget.” See, that was easy, right? Hopefully this helps to ease the shock when you see your proposal for wedding flowers that match your pretty Pin.

Similar to romantic movies, Pinterest is meant to inspire and excite. Actually expecting a Hollywood hunk-worthy hero to sweep us off our feet could leave us bitter, disappointed and miserable in life and love. Likewise, expecting to get the exact Pinterest-worthy look for our wedding that fits within our budget could break hearts in the long-run.


What the Pros Know


Allow me to demystify Pinterest wedding flowers so you can know what the pros know. (Shhh… keep this between us!)

On average, Dallas couples spend around $2,500 on wedding flowers and a bridal bouquet usually starts around $150. That luscious, jaw-dropping bridal bouquet Pin you’re swooning over could come with a $300 price tag!

Here’s a video that helps to explain the actual price of the flowers in photos you’re drawn to.

Price of Wedding Flowers
Bootah Jardin Florists

Are you really willing to double your budget to match a pretty photo?

So, how do you balance your Pinterest fantasy with your budget reality? Allow me to introduce you to our newest creation – BYOB: Build Your Own Bouquet! Can you imagine saving up to 35% off the price for wedding flowers just by opting to DIY? BYOB is ideal for couples with a do-it-yourself spirit who desire stunning budget-friendly blooms for their Wedding Day.

BYOB: Build Your Own Bouquet | Sensibly Chic Weddings


Not a Fan of DIY?


If you’re planning to meet with a wedding florist soon, here are 4 quick tips to have a flawless floral consultation:

  1. Be honest, upfront and realistic about your budget
  2. Treat Pinterest as a translator – it helps you non-verbally communicate your style (then…)
  3. Treat Pinterest as an ex-lover – you both had great times but you’ve moved on
  4. Remain open-mined and trust your floral designer

Happy planning!