Ooh La Veil

July 12, 2013

Ooh La Veil

What is Ooh La Veil?  Well, what’s the first thing you notice when you see a cupcake… the icing!  So it’s safe to say that the first thing your wedding guests will notice would be your veil!  Your wedding dress fits your personality and the style of your wedding, and so should your veil.

If traditional veils are not quite your style, and you’re looking for something different, let Ooh La Veil inspire you!

The Designer of Ooh La Veil


“The inspiration for my veils came from everything. From color, fabric mixing, pearls, feathers, shapes, hair styles to time periods. I approach designing each hair piece with an out of the box thinking attitude,” says Camilla Williamson, the designer of Ooh La Veil.

“I have a Bachelor in Fashion Design. I have designed dresses, dance wear and wedding gowns and have worked in the industry for many years designing men’s dress shirts. I have always been fascinated with head wear and designed my first veil in 2010 for my sister’s wedding.”

“Modern design and style sets my veil apart from others. I see my veils as art wear for the head. They incorporate color, textures, shapes and form which produces a unique design.”

Camilla describes her veils and hair pieces as “modern chic meets out of the box attitude” and I totally agree!  4 beautiful models, including my novice talents, served as canvases for Ooh La Veil in the KingAllen:Creations studio in Dallas, Texas.  Visit Ooh La Veil on Etsy to see her complete collection.

Photography courtesy of KingAllen:Creations

 Ooh La Veil "Elle"Ooh La Veil "Audrey"Ooh La Veil "Elena"    Ooh La Veil "Madeline"