Group Gift For a Wedding Registry

May 31, 2016

Q: When a bride-to-be is registered at three places, for instance Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s and Target and several people want to give a group gift, how should I choose which location to purchase the gift from?

A: Great question! I actually have two answers for ya. The idea here, no matter which option you feel works best, is to celebrate in the happiness of the bride-to-be, rather than hand over a group gift or a signed card with a smile and a handshake. That’s no fun!

#1: If there will be an office Wedding Shower, then I would suggest collecting cash from the givers (keep discreet track of who participates) and purchasing several gifts from either one or all three locations (but that would depend on how much time you have on your lunch break). The more gifts at the Shower, the more fun it is for the couple to open. Oohs and aahs are what you’re going for!

#2: If there will not be an office Wedding Shower, then I feel it would be perfectly fine to give a gift card to one of the stores for the entire amount the group gives, and perhaps have a happy hour or lunch in her honor to celebrate her upcoming marriage.

Now #ThatsSensiblyChic!

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