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Common Complaints About Wedding Planners

June 8, 2016

This eye-opening survey lists the top 6 complaints couples have about wedding planners. 537 couples from across America chimed in between December 2015 and January 2016, and the results are below.

If you’re asking yourself “why on Earth would a wedding planner blog about complaints” the answer is simple. I believe an informed couple is a savvy couple. Whether you’re thinking about hiring a Planner, or thinking about planning your wedding without one, this is information I felt you should have in your back pocket.

Tip: If you’re leaning towards hiring a Wedding Planner, you can use this list of complaints as interview questions to make sure you get the service you desire.


The Top 6 Complaints About Wedding Planners


common wedding planner complaints | Sensibly Chic Weddings

These are all valid concerns, but not too surprising is the first complaint on the list: price. Since a Wedding Planner’s price is such a big deal, I’d like to spend some time on this topic. It’s understandable that a Wedding Planner’s fee can be a shock if you’re not fully aware of the value a seasoned Planner actually brings to your wedding day, and the months leading up to your “I do.”


So… Why Even Hire a Wedding Planner?


It makes sense why this question could be on your mind. Well, Wedding Planners sweat the details so you can continue to date your fiancé, socialize with your friends, and enjoy lunch breaks away from Pinterest. We also know quality and reputable vendors. It’s our job to stay in-the-know and to refer wedding professionals that fit your personality, style and budget.

Most importantly, we’ll troubleshoot on your wedding day. So while you’re getting your glam on, we’re ensuring that ceremony and reception setup is complete at least 30 minutes before your guests arrive, all candles are lit, the guest book has pens, the dinner napkins are all folded and perfectly placed, boutonnieres are pinned, price stickers are removed from photo frames on your sign-in table (um… yeah) and so on.

So, if you’re working with a Wedding Planner right now, or recently worked with one, I’m curious to know if you agree with the couples who were surveyed, or if you have your own unique complaints or praises! Please share so other brides- and grooms-to-be can learn from your experience.

I strive to be a Wedding Planner who delivers what her couples’ want – not the kind of Planner who causes complaints. Now #ThatsSensiblyChic!