Common Wedding Mistakes Brides Make

January 15, 2016

Everyone makes mistakes (I probably made 3 mistakes before breakfast today) but I think making mistakes it’s a part of life… and a part of being fabulously human!

While the pursuit of perfection is a journey for some, I believe others just want to make it through the day. But when it comes to planning your wedding, it’s best to not take chances and learn from the mistakes (aka wisdom) from others.

Who knows… maybe someday you can be the one shielding a bride-to-be from mind-numbing stress! Of all the mistakes listed in the 50 Wedding Mistakes Every Bride Makes article by Lucy Maher posted on, these are the ones I believe all brides should avoid and why.

#3 Buying Your Gown Before Choosing The Venue

Yes! It’s perfectly acceptable to ride the excitement wave and try on as many dresses that catch your eye and flutter your heart… just remember that you should command the attention. Don’t let your venue over-power you on your wedding day by choosing the wrong dress.

#5 Ruling Out a Wedding Planner All Together

There’s a reason this mistake caught my eye, but not for the reason you think. After you invest months, or even years, on planning your wedding day, Wedding Planners want you to actually enjoy it too. I understand that it may seem scary to trust a stranger, but choosing the right planner can mean more smiles and less tears for you, and those who love you.

#13 Forgetting to Feed Your Vendors

After selecting your hors d’oeuvres, entrees, and tasting oodles of cake and filling options, it’s easy to forget to include vendors in your meal count… um, cake optional! This is something I ask each of my brides to consider.

#27 Not Carving Out Enough Time For Hair and Makeup

I like to over-estimate each bridesmaids’ hair and makeup (and the bride of course) just in case extra time is needed. Wedding days that start happy end happier!

This is just a snippet of the 50 mistakes in the article that inspired this blog post. Feel free to skim the entire list so you’re in-the-know!