How To Combine Your Wedding Theme

combine wedding theme

One wedding theme? It isn’t surprising that couples struggle to select just one – especially in a society of double-majors, auto/manual car transmissions, sleeper sofas, half-do’s, and mango-habanero frozen yogurt!

Gone are the days when you can only express yourself one way. When two lives, backgrounds, and personalities combine into one modern couple, how can each individual’s style be represented throughout their wedding? The article answers that, plus I’ve added a couple of photos from past couples as inspiration!

Combined Wedding Theme Ideas

combined wedding theme - rustic Christmas

Rustic Christmas

combined wedding theme - purple-hued winter wonderland

Purple-Hued Winter Wonderland











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Tips For Legally Changing Your Name

What happens after you say “I Do” to legally change your name? The idea of changing your name, driver’s license, passport, banking accounts, heck, even your email signature, can prove to be a daunting task these days. This article can help you navigate those choppy waters.

As an addendum to #2, I’ve found it quite useful to keep one checking account in your maiden name, and here’s why. Imagine that a year or so after your wedding, a check comes in the mail from an investment that completely slipped your mind. The check just so happens to be made out to your maiden name. Having that one account in your maiden name could make this situation, and depositing that check, a breeze.

Reasons Why He Would Propose To You … Again

Ambient 11 Photography

Can you imagine? Proposing to the man or woman of your dreams may very well be the most emotionally-driven decision of your life. If given the chance, would you change your proposal? Here are the stories of 5 guys who said they’d love having a proposal do-over.

6 Days to Take Off for Your Wedding


Brides.com lists the 6 crucial days to take off to help you effectively and efficiently plan your wedding. For those brides and grooms who juggle full-time jobs, families, social lives, fitness, and still manage to enjoy personal quiet time, this article is perfect for you.

Keep the nail-nibbling at a minimum by following their advice, but below I share my advice on other days to take off that are sure to help keep you sane, suave, and surprisingly calm during the months leading up to your wedding day!


It’s common for venues and vendors to be closed on Mondays (some wedding vendors take Sunday and Monday off as their “weekend”), so catching a caterer, DJ, or bakery on a Tuesday would help ensure you and your ideas are at the center of their attention!


So, I’m slipping this one in, not as a day to take off, but to strategize wedding ideas with your honey. Let’s call them “Wedding Wednesdays” – has a nice ring to it, huh?

Just because you’re able to Pinterest every other hour during the work day doesn’t mean your honey is able to keep up with your momentum. So think about setting aside a couple of hours on Wednesday evenings to sip your favorite relaxing beverage and unload your thoughts for the week. Your honey will thank you for the other 6 days of relatively low wedding planning stress.


Have you ever bought nail polish online only to see it in person and think, hmm, that’s a bit different? The same goes for picking your wedding flowers. Imagine how much more enjoyable your appointment could go if you were able to see, touch, and inhale the fragrance of the flowers in your centerpieces and bouquets months your wedding day?

Florists planning events for the weekend tend to have flowers at their studio the Thursday prior. So you’ll be in luck if the wedding they’re prepping for is using the same flower you’re interested in. (Thank you Lindsey and Debbie of The Stalk Market in Downtown McKinney for inspiring this tip).

Happy planning!

Wedding Day Beauty Tips

wedding day beauty tips

Here are 10 beauty tips to help keep you calm and glowing the morning of your wedding (or any special occasion)!

Celebrity Wedding Inspiration: Megan & Tracy Morgan

InsideWeddings.com | Photographed by Jeff Tisman Photography

There’s something about celebrity weddings that gives me a rush of inspiration. Dare I say I feel like I’m falling in love again? I’m personally a lover of romance and charm – they take a hold of my heart and leave me breathless.

The gorgeous Megan Wollover married comedian Tracy Morgan at a New Jersey estate last Summer, and their happiness and personal style can be felt through their photos.

InsideWeddings.com | Photographed by Jeff Tisman Photography

InsideWeddings.com | Photographed by Jeff Tisman Photography

After reading about how their love began, I’m convinced that chivalry still exists in this world. Those of us lucky enough to experience it should savor every moment. And for those of us waiting with open hearts, don’t give up hope. Your next romantic adventure could be just around the corner (or a few handfuls of swipes away)!

Fall in love with the opulent and inspiring wedding of Megan and Tracy. I couldn’t hold back the butterflies and I doubt you’ll be able to either. You may even find a few ideas to borrow for your own wedding (wink wink)!

Common Wedding Mistakes Brides Make

Everyone makes mistakes (I probably made 3 mistakes before breakfast today) but I think making mistakes it’s a part of life… and a part of being fabulously human!

While the pursuit of perfection is a journey for some, I believe others just want to make it through the day. But when it comes to planning your wedding, it’s best to not take chances and learn from the mistakes (aka wisdom) from others.

Who knows… maybe someday you can be the one shielding a bride-to-be from mind-numbing stress! Of all the mistakes listed in the 50 Wedding Mistakes Every Bride Makes article by Lucy Maher posted on Brides.com, these are the ones I believe all brides should avoid and why.

#3 Buying Your Gown Before Choosing The Venue

Yes! It’s perfectly acceptable to ride the excitement wave and try on as many dresses that catch your eye and flutter your heart… just remember that you should command the attention. Don’t let your venue over-power you on your wedding day by choosing the wrong dress.

#5 Ruling Out a Wedding Planner All Together

There’s a reason this mistake caught my eye, but not for the reason you think. After you invest months, or even years, on planning your wedding day, Wedding Planners want you to actually enjoy it too. I understand that it may seem scary to trust a stranger, but choosing the right planner can mean more smiles and less tears for you, and those who love you.

#13 Forgetting to Feed Your Vendors

After selecting your hors d’oeuvres, entrees, and tasting oodles of cake and filling options, it’s easy to forget to include vendors in your meal count… um, cake optional! This is something I ask each of my brides to consider.

#27 Not Carving Out Enough Time For Hair and Makeup

I like to over-estimate each bridesmaids’ hair and makeup (and the bride of course) just in case extra time is needed. Wedding days that start happy end happier!

This is just a snippet of the 50 mistakes in the article that inspired this blog post. Feel free to skim the entire list so you’re in-the-know!

Reflection on 2015 Weddings

Nicole Elizabeth Wedding Planner | Sensibly Chic Weddings

As I reflect on the weddings I’ve planned in 2015, I feel inspired by what Sensibly Chic Weddings has accomplished. No, I wasn’t featured in any magazines or cited in any articles, but I’m honored to say that I’ve touched many lives with the work that I do, and I can only hope to continue to touch lives as Sensibly Chic Weddings grows.

What began as an idea in 2008 has blossomed into a 7 year-old business that makes me proud each and every day. From the smiles on my couples’ faces, to the thumbs up from the wedding party, to the hugs and nods of approval from my couples’ parents and friends, my heart is warmed and my life is forever changed.

To every life I’ve touched over the years, thank you. Thank you for trusting me with your wedding day. Thank you for allowing me into your life. Thank you for blessing me with being a part of your future. Thank you for being amazing and for inspiring me to continue on my journey as a Wedding Planner.

From my heart to yours,

Nicole Elizabeth Lloyd
Owner | Wedding Planner

Higher Price for Postage Stamps


If approved, a higher price for postage stamps could go into effect in just a few months.  Standard postage stamps would increase from $.46 to $.49 cents.  It may not seem like a huge difference now, but every penny counts when mailing your wedding invitations.

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