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Real Engagement: Stephanie & Warren

Stephanie & Warren's Engagement | Sensibly Chic Weddings

Stephanie & Warren’s adventurous souls met in college at the Bush School of Government at Texas A&M in 2012. Warren, who grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa, has a unique sense of humor, often starting jokes with the punchline. Stephanie, who grew up in Coppell, Texas shows her sweet side as owner of Blonde Bakes in New York City.

Stephanie & Warren Engagement | Sensibly Chic Weddings


Stephanie & Warren’s Love & Engagement Story


They both share a passion for traveling and dancing! This eclectic couple currently resides in New York City, and when they’re not travelling or planning to change the world, they enjoy new restaurants, exploring the Big Apple, and making memories together.

According to Stephanie, love didn’t come instantly. She admits there was that awkward “is this more than friends” stage that lasted for month, but over sandwiches one day, Warren expressed his feeling for her and their adventure together began. (Hmm, wasn’t this love of sandwiches portrayed in Frozen with Princess Anna?)

Warren’s version is a bit different. He knew early on that there was something incredibly special about Stephanie. After Salsa dancing and “cooking” for her (aka ordering a pizza but serving it like he made it) during their courtship, he realized that Stephanie was one of the most amazing women he’s ever met. Warren took a leap and prepared a Spaghetti Bolognese that won first prize… Stephanie’s heart!


Warren’s Proposal


Stephanie & Warren's Proposal | Sensibly Chic Weddings

One and a half years of long-distance dating allowed their connection to blossom. On a December day at the Bush Library pond, and with both of their families hiding in bushes and taking pictures, Warren asked Stephanie to be his wife.

Stephanie & Warren will marry on October 28, 2016 with 120 of their world-traveling guests. There will be warm emotions, electric energy, delicious food, vibrant African fabrics, live musicians, sweets by the bride-to-be, and an evening of fun and dancing under the stars!

Congratulations, and welcome to the #SensiblyChicTRIBE!

Real Engagement: Jackie & Cory

Jackie & Cory's Engagement | Sensibly Chic Weddings


Jackie & Cory’s Love & Engagement Story


Jackie & Cory's Engagement | Sensibly Chic Weddings
Photography by Stanley Tongai

Wedding Date: July 8th, 2016

Jackie, a college Freshman and Cory, a college Junior, met through mutual friends. They admit (now) that there was a mutual chemistry between them, but at the time, Jackie was in a relationship with someone else. In the Summer of 2014, Jackie and Cory reconnected on Snapchat.

Their first date was later that Fall. Well, it wasn’t just a date… it was actually a 5 hour conversation at a restaurant that continued into the parking lot. Just like in the commercials and the connection was automatic! Shortly after their first date, Cory went on a ministry trip to Venezuela for a few weeks. He returned for one week though – long enough for a first kiss – then he traveled to Africa for another ministry trip.

The emotional connection between Jackie and Cory grew organically and they continued to spend time together and talk. Jackie fondly remembers her calls to Cory, and Cory was very grateful for them day after day. Their connection was getting stronger and it wasn’t long before their first “I love you.”


Cory’s Proposal


Christmas weekend a year later, under moonlight in a gazebo near a pond, and with Jackie’s close friends nearby, Cory literally gave Jackie the key to his heart. Cory eagerly waited, ring in his hand and a smile lighting up his face. Jackie, blindfolded and curious, was lead down a path of red rose petals and candles, towards Cory. “It was like a dream,” Jackie recounts. Down on one knee, and with a sky full of stars, Cory asks for Jackie to be his wife. Jackie said “YES!”

Real Wedding: Nettie & Kevan at the Aristide

Nettie & Kevan at the Aristide in Mansfield | Sensibly Chic Weddings


The Aristide in Mansfield Texas


Wedding Date: April 7th, 2016
Wedding Colors: Poppy Red, Soft White, Grey

Poppy Red, White & Gray Wedding | Sensibly Chic Weddings

The vibrant romance between Nettie and Kevan spanned years and distance, which proves that the bond of true love can not be separated for these two “love figurines” – you’ll see what I mean from the photos! They were joined by family and friends for an intimate outdoor garden ceremony, followed by a colorful and love-felt ballroom reception. A sitting vignette near the dance floor encouraged conversation and guests were delighted by the multi-tiered dessert table!

Aristide Mansfield Wedding | Sensibly Chic Weddings
Aristide Mansfield Wedding | Sensibly Chic Weddings
Aristide Mansfield Wedding | Sensibly Chic Weddings
Aristide Mansfield Wedding | Sensibly Chic Weddings

Ceremony Music: Forte Strings
Wedding Planner: Sensibly Chic Weddings
Videography: Spinning Leaf Films
Photography: Thanin Photo
Venue: Aristide
Bakery: Moonlight Cakes
Hair & Makeup: JTorry Makeup Artistry
Officiant: LoveNotes Weddings
Florist: Query Events
Reception Music: Black Tie Sounds

Plano Bridal Show September 2016

Sensibly Chic Weddings

Hello Brides and Grooms-to-be! You’re invited to meet and mingle with us at the Plano Bridal Show this Sunday September 11th at the Plano Centre from Noon to 5:00 pm (2000 E Spring Creek Pkwy, Plano, TX 75074). Get discount tickets here! (Use code SENSCHICWED at checkout. Code is only valid online.)

We’ve emerged from our #PLANcave with a fresh, fun, creative, and DIY-friendly booth design that is sure to inspire a backdrop for your ceremony, sign-in table, dessert table, candy buffet, sweetheart table or even your photo booth! Our design was customized to the colors of our logo and the vibe of our personalities. We really hope you love it!

Our theme this year is “Take Back Date Night!” We’ve discovered how many hours couples spend each week planning their wedding and our jaws hit the floor, bounced to the ceiling, and hit the floor again! Just think… when was the last time YOU had a date night with your honey? Take a guess at the question below! We’ll reveal the answer this Sunday at the bridal show.

Plano Bridal Show Date Night Theme | Sensibly Chic Weddings

Let us inspire you to bring fun dates back to your week (and your relationship)! Even if you’re not 100% sure you need a wedding planner, you’ll definitely find date night inspiration to help keep the fun in your engagement. No pressure… really! We’re giving you 16 date night ideas to play with.

So if you’re engaged – or if you know someone who is – swing by our booth and say hi to Nicole Elizabeth and team! We’d love to meet you and chat about your wedding!

What Does Marriage Mean?

what does marriage mean to you | Sensibly Chic Weddings

The romantic high from being engaged can be intense and euphoric, but a dose of sober reality can take you by surprise when you really think about what marriage means to you. And no, I’m not referring to the dictionary definition of marriage either.


What Does Marriage Mean to You?


It’s a simple word really – marriage – yet it’s meaning is incredibly complex and varies from person to person. Why you ask? The notion of marrying for duty or for love (or a little bit of both) could depend on one’s religion, nationality, social status, financial status, upbringing, age… you name it! (Watch a documentary on Netflix about Henry VIII and his wives – and his life choices – and you may gasp). It’s not my place (or anyone else’s IMHO) to define marriage for you. My advice is for you to define marriage in a way that is meaningful for your life and your spirituality (whether you’re religious or not).

what does marriage mean to you | Sensibly Chic Weddings

So, while you’re glancing at that sparkling rock on your finger, try to pause for a moment and picture your life 5 years from now – 15 years from now – 30 years from now. Now, think about your life 5 years ago, 15 years ago… or dare I say 30 years ago. Are you the same person you were in your teens? My guess is probably not. Chances are your priorities have changed, along with your hairstyle, bank account balance and perhaps your waistline.


Think About Your Life After “I Do”


My point is this… really take time to think about your life after your wedding and honeymoon. Yes, the “real life” stuff. Not sure where to start? Here’s a list of questions to help you shift your focus away from your wedding day towards your married life – there should be balance here. My recommendation is to answer these questions for yourself, then have your fiance answer them. Pick a lazy afternoon, snuggle close to each other and reveal your responses. Remember to keep this a safe and judgement-free environment. This is meant for you both to learn more about each other and grow together as a couple.

Click the link below to download and print.
What Does Marriage Mean Questions

  1. What do I know about my future spouse and their personality?
  2. Why do I want to get married?
  3. Why does my future spouse want to get married?
  4. What ideas does my future spouse have about marriage?
  5. Does my future spouse believe marriage is for a lifetime?
  6. What do I like and dislike about my future spouse?
  7. Can I live with what I see?
  8. What kind of roles will each of us play in our marriage?
  9. How will decisions be reached?
  10. What kind of relationship does my future spouse have with their family?
  11. Does my future spouse challenge me to grow or change?
  12. What do I think I need from my future spouse?
  13. How independent should each of us be?
  14. What does my future spouse expect of me?
  15. Am I comfortable with what my future spouse expects of me?
  16. Is my future spouse reliable in their work or studies?
  17. What are the goals, both career and personal, of my future spouse?
  18. Does my future spouse have career ambitions with which I am comfortable?
  19. Does my future spouse like people, and get along with people?
  20. How does my future spouse treat family and friends?
  21. Do I like my future spouse’s friends?
  22. How does my future spouse react if he/she does not get what he/she wants?
  23. How do I communicate with my future spouse?
  24. Is that how I want to communicate in the future?
  25. How much do I depend on my future spouse?
  26. How dependent should I be?
  27. How do I handle money?
  28. How will we, as a couple, handle money?
  29. Do we agree on what possessions are important?
  30. What are my ideas about the importance of sexual expression within marriage?
  31. What are my spouses ideas?
  32. How many children (if any) do I want to raise?
  33. What are my ideas about child rearing?
  34. Does my future spouse agree with my ideas?
  35. How important is God, religion, faith, and/or spirituality in my life?
  36. Is it important that my future spouse shares these ideas?


Have You Considered Pre-Marital Counseling?


Just so you know, I’m a huge advocate of pre-marital counseling. Honest, open, safe, and consistent communication during your relationship and engagement helps to strengthen the bond you both have for each other. Pre-marital counseling can be as formal or as informal as you want it to be (well, in most cases, as certain religious institutions have their own procedures for this). From a church-sponsored program, to a weekend retreat, to weekly brunches with married friends or relatives – something is far better than nothing.

If this article took you by surprise, great! That’s the point… to open and challenge your mind to consider and discuss these topics so nothing is left up to assumption before or after “I Do.” Raising a glass to celebrate you and yours! Cheers!

Love & Music

love and music | Sensibly Chic Weddings

Hello World! What’s the deal with love and music? I’m talking about when one of your favorite songs is tied to a specific person, and that person is no longer in your life.

Has this ever happened to you? You’re stopped at a red light (or slowing approaching one) and as you’re flipping through your stack of CD’s in your glove compartment, you come across a CD that gives you a rush of joy – immediately chased by the feeling of heartbreak? Please tell me I’m not the only one this has happened to.


Music Reminds Me of Love


Well, this actually did happen to me this morning. The CD that made my heart flutter was Tamia’s Love Life record. Her lyrics express what my heart really wants… to be in love and to have it returned with the same intensity. Is that really so much to ask?

Anywho, I wanted to share a little piece of my heart with you today. Watch and enjoy!

Wedding Day Regrets

Wedding Day Regrets | Sensibly Chic Weddings

The choices you make in life, whether for your education, your career, your family, your love life (or that tattoo you got over Spring Break), chances are, you may at times experience that unsettling feeling of regret. As adults, we learn to live with the choices we make, but wedding day regrets can be documented in photos that last generations or engraved in the memories of your loved ones, or even yourself.

In this article, 250 brides were asked what their biggest wedding day regrets were and the top 13 answers were revealed. In life, I believe there are no “mistakes,” but this is your opportunity to learn from the experience of real brides.


The Top Wedding Day Regrets From Real Brides


#1 Listening to Other People
#2 Registering for Things I Thought I Wanted
#3 Paying Too Much for Centerpieces
#4 Worrying That Everything Is Going to Go Wrong
#5 Not Being Present During the Ceremony
#6 Adding a Third Appetizer
#7 Not Having a Day-Of Coordinator or Wedding Planner
#8 Not Spending Enough Time With Guests
#9 Spending a Lot of Money on Party Favors
#10 Having Too Many [Bridesmaids]
#11 Not Setting a Budget
#12 Waiting Until the Last Minute to Book a Vendor
#13 Not Eloping

A couple of these regrets really stood out to me. #3 Paying Too Much for Centerpieces is more common than you may realize, especially considering 74% of weddings go over budget. If centerpieces are important to you and your wedding vision, then by all means, invest in the look you want. Every couple has their priorities – just remember to prioritize the budget too.

Now, of course I have something to say about #7. Not Having a Day-Of Coordinator or Wedding Planner can pile on unnecessary stress on a couple and their loved ones. A simple Day-Of service can help wrangle vendor deliveries, décor setup, and the logistics of your 6-8 hour ceremony and reception. There’s a reason 60% of couples hire a wedding planner. (OK, I’m off my soapbox!)

The regret that caught me by surprise was #13 Not Eloping. According to this article, a couple tends to elope for either the benefit of their relationship (to focus on their passion for each other) or to escape or rebel against family dysfunction (which can breed resentment later on). Two brides share their motives behind eloping and their experience after they shared the news with their family and friends. This was a very interesting read.

Are you a newlywed that has a wedding day regret? If so, I invite you to share your experience. If you’re planning your wedding right now, subscribe to #ThatsSensiblyChic to stay in-the-know!

Common Complaints About Wedding Planners

complaints about wedding planners | Sensibly Chic Weddings

This eye-opening survey lists the top 6 complaints couples have about wedding planners. 537 couples from across America chimed in between December 2015 and January 2016, and the results are below.

If you’re asking yourself “why on Earth would a wedding planner blog about complaints” the answer is simple. I believe an informed couple is a savvy couple. Whether you’re thinking about hiring a Planner, or thinking about planning your wedding without one, this is information I felt you should have in your back pocket.

Tip: If you’re leaning towards hiring a Wedding Planner, you can use this list of complaints as interview questions to make sure you get the service you desire.


The Top 6 Complaints About Wedding Planners


common wedding planner complaints | Sensibly Chic Weddings

These are all valid concerns, but not too surprising is the first complaint on the list: price. Since a Wedding Planner’s price is such a big deal, I’d like to spend some time on this topic. It’s understandable that a Wedding Planner’s fee can be a shock if you’re not fully aware of the value a seasoned Planner actually brings to your wedding day, and the months leading up to your “I do.”


So… Why Even Hire a Wedding Planner?


It makes sense why this question could be on your mind. Well, Wedding Planners sweat the details so you can continue to date your fiancé, socialize with your friends, and enjoy lunch breaks away from Pinterest. We also know quality and reputable vendors. It’s our job to stay in-the-know and to refer wedding professionals that fit your personality, style and budget.

Most importantly, we’ll troubleshoot on your wedding day. So while you’re getting your glam on, we’re ensuring that ceremony and reception setup is complete at least 30 minutes before your guests arrive, all candles are lit, the guest book has pens, the dinner napkins are all folded and perfectly placed, boutonnieres are pinned, price stickers are removed from photo frames on your sign-in table (um… yeah) and so on.

So, if you’re working with a Wedding Planner right now, or recently worked with one, I’m curious to know if you agree with the couples who were surveyed, or if you have your own unique complaints or praises! Please share so other brides- and grooms-to-be can learn from your experience.

I strive to be a Wedding Planner who delivers what her couples’ want – not the kind of Planner who causes complaints. Now #ThatsSensiblyChic!

Group Gift For a Wedding Registry

Q: When a bride-to-be is registered at three places, for instance Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s and Target and several people want to give a group gift, how should I choose which location to purchase the gift from?

A: Great question! I actually have two answers for ya. The idea here, no matter which option you feel works best, is to celebrate in the happiness of the bride-to-be, rather than hand over a group gift or a signed card with a smile and a handshake. That’s no fun!

#1: If there will be an office Wedding Shower, then I would suggest collecting cash from the givers (keep discreet track of who participates) and purchasing several gifts from either one or all three locations (but that would depend on how much time you have on your lunch break). The more gifts at the Shower, the more fun it is for the couple to open. Oohs and aahs are what you’re going for!

#2: If there will not be an office Wedding Shower, then I feel it would be perfectly fine to give a gift card to one of the stores for the entire amount the group gives, and perhaps have a happy hour or lunch in her honor to celebrate her upcoming marriage.

Now #ThatsSensiblyChic!

Do you have a burning wedding question on your mind? Ask Nicole!

Encourage Your Boyfriend to Propose

Encourage Boyfriend to Propose | Sensibly Chic Weddings


Will He Ever Propose?


Q:My boyfriend and I have been together for about 3 years now. We’re in love and we’ve talked about getting married, but it’s been months since that talk and he still hasn’t proposed yet. What can I do to help “encourage” him to take the next step and propose? I feel like I’m jumping out of my skin! I want him to DO SOMETHING!!
~Lindsay from Plano, Texas

A:If only you and I could hold hands and “whooosaaah” (a calming chant used in the movie Bad Boys II). Lindsay, what you’re feeling appears to be some impatience mixed with a pinch of anxiety, and that’s certainly not the ideal recipe to encourage your boyfriend to take your next step. Yes, I said it. It makes sense that the logical next step after having the marriage talk with your boyfriend is a proposal, but I caution you to not rush this process. Just because you are ready to be engaged right now doesn’t necessarily mean your boyfriend is ready.

If you both are on the same page (by eventually wanting to be married to each other) and are in a serious, loving, and committed relationship, I highly recommend that you allow his proposal to happen organically, and keep enjoying your relationship. Keep making memories with your #Boyiance (what I call a man that is more than a boyfriend but not exactly a fiance… yet) and keep supporting each other’s dreams and goals.


Don’t Push. Enjoy Your Relationship!


Ask yourself if it’s marriage you’re so eager to have, or if you’re really really super eager to start planning your wedding. The source of your desire for him to take the next step could expose where your priorities are. I’m not one to judge! Your reason is your reason – and weddings are super fun, which is why I plan them!

When you’re feeling this way remember to breathe, very slowly, and try to avoid taking any actions while your emotions and nerves are high. A frustrated comment to your boyfriend could lead to an argument and no one wins in that situation. And pushing him to move things along or dropping a subtle (or not-so-subtle) ultimatum could backfire. I ask you to give it more time, and when he does pop the question, I’ll be happy dancing with you while we’re planning your wedding!

Keeping calm in the eye of your emotional anguish takes skill… now #ThatsSensiblyChic!