Month: April 2016

19 Apr 2016

6 Days to Take Off for Your Wedding lists the 6 crucial days to take off to help you effectively and efficiently plan your wedding. For those brides and grooms who juggle full-time jobs, families, social lives, fitness, and still manage to enjoy personal quiet time, this article is perfect for you.

Keep the nail-nibbling at a minimum by following their advice, but below I share my advice on other days to take off that are sure to help keep you sane, suave, and surprisingly calm during the months leading up to your wedding day!


It’s common for venues and vendors to be closed on Mondays (some wedding vendors take Sunday and Monday off as their “weekend”), so catching a caterer, DJ, or bakery on a Tuesday would help ensure you and your ideas are at the center of their attention!


So, I’m slipping this one in, not as a day to take off, but to strategize wedding ideas with your honey. Let’s call them “Wedding Wednesdays” – has a nice ring to it, huh?

Just because you’re able to Pinterest every other hour during the work day doesn’t mean your honey is able to keep up with your momentum. So think about setting aside a couple of hours on Wednesday evenings to sip your favorite relaxing beverage and unload your thoughts for the week. Your honey will thank you for the other 6 days of relatively low wedding planning stress.


Have you ever bought nail polish online only to see it in person and think, hmm, that’s a bit different? The same goes for picking your wedding flowers. Imagine how much more enjoyable your appointment could go if you were able to see, touch, and inhale the fragrance of the flowers in your centerpieces and bouquets months your wedding day?

Florists planning events for the weekend tend to have flowers at their studio the Thursday prior. So you’ll be in luck if the wedding they’re prepping for is using the same flower you’re interested in. (Thank you Lindsey and Debbie of The Stalk Market in Downtown McKinney for inspiring this tip).

Happy planning!

03 Apr 2016

Celebrity Wedding Inspiration: Megan & Tracy Morgan

There’s something about celebrity weddings that gives me a rush of inspiration. Dare I say I feel like I’m falling in love again? I’m personally a lover of romance and charm – they take a hold of my heart and leave me breathless.

The gorgeous Megan Wollover married comedian Tracy Morgan at a New Jersey estate last Summer, and their happiness and personal style can be felt through their photos. | Photographed by Jeff Tisman Photography | Photographed by Jeff Tisman Photography

After reading about how their love began, I’m convinced that chivalry still exists in this world. Those of us lucky enough to experience it should savor every moment. And for those of us waiting with open hearts, don’t give up hope. Your next romantic adventure could be just around the corner (or a few handfuls of swipes away)!

Fall in love with the opulent and inspiring wedding of Megan and Tracy. I couldn’t hold back the butterflies and I doubt you’ll be able to either. You may even find a few ideas to borrow for your own wedding (wink wink)!