Month: February 2013

08 Feb 2013

Picky Stickies – Custom Stamps for Your Wedding Invitations

Picky stickies!  Get it?  We’re talking custom stamps here, people!  Expertly appointed wedding invitations with exquisite calligraphy deserves coordinating postage… it’s that simple. Custom stamps may seem minute to the naked eye, but brides and stationers (and Wedding Planners) alike know that the magic is in the details! It’s said that the wedding invitation sets the tone of your wedding to your guests. The style, wording, and even the paper your wedding invitations are printed (or pressed) onto tells guests everything they need to know about what to expect on your special day – where to go, when to arrive, and even what to wear.  Custom stamps give your invitations that extra special umph!

The ladies of The Three are well aware of the impact of invitations. Fonts, hues, textures, and graphics all combine into a visual symphony your guests are sure to love. The Amanda ensemble is a perfect example of beauty and balance. Now that’s a tune I like to see (you know what I mean)!